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Penderosa Rescue & Sanctuary

Willard, NC

Max & Star - These geldings are a pair of aged Mustangs. They have lived in small, poor pastures their entire life with minimal to no regular maintenance. As age was catching up with them, it was with their owner & her surrendered them to the Pender Co Animal Shelter. Due to their age and limited handling, their adaptability was low and they became the first Penderosa Rescue residents, before the farm was ready! Max is pretty calm & cool, Star still has his Mustang moments, but they are sweet boys that get to live their days out in lush pastures with stalls (Max LOVES his fan) and lots of love...

BC Chexmate is an AQHA Reining Horse gelding. He earned over $7,000 in reining prior to contracting EPM which ended his career. After changing hands a few times, he ended up at the Pender County Animal Shelter. His LOVING demeanor and extensive handling made him a great candidate as a sanctuary horse here at PRAS! He is an amazing horse that has so much heart. He is still slightly ataxic from his EPM even after a variety of treatments so he cannot be ridden, but he can still be loved!

No Doubt Spanky is a 1990 model Appaloosa gelding. "Buck" was donated to the sanctuary by Jewell Horton for an educational horse for our programs and to retire. He has given HUNDREDS of pony rides, first rides, lessons and been loved by many area families. He is a goofy, sweet, soul that craves attention. There is never a dull moment with Buck around...

Around the farm...